Mark Booth

Mark is the founder of BRM and a Director of BRM Holdich.  The combination of his extensive background in senior management and strong conceptual and analytical skills assist him to address complex and strategic issues. 

As a consultant Mark has a significant track record in advising local government in South Australia and professional service firms on the spectrum of issues they have to deal with in order to meet their financial, human and technological challenges.

Specialist Service Areas: Commercial Advisory and Governance

Phone: 08 8168 8402
Mobile: 0414 804 949

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Geoff Holdich

Geoff has an extensive financial background in both accounting public practice and business consulting with exposure to other private enterprises as a shareholder.  Geoff’s entire professional career has been in the practising accounting profession, almost all of it a principal and partner level. 

As a consultant Geoff’s experience has created a demand for his professional firm management and governance skills and he now acts as adviser and chairman to several firms.

Specialist Service Area: Governance

Phone: 08 8168 8400
Mobile: 0411 548 112

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Aaron Read

Aaron is a Director of BRM Holdich with extensive financial and management experience in both accounting public practice and commerce.  The practical application of his financial management skills and advice that includes planning and consideration to future impacts and outcomes facilitates informed decision making.

As an consultant and accountant Aaron has a proven track record advising in the areas of valuations, business structures, management reporting, budgeting, cash flow, superannuation and other financial modelling.

Specialist Service Area: Accounting and Taxation, Commercial Advisory and Superannuation.

Phone: 08 8168 8422
Mobile: 0411 549 782

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Brett Schatto

Brett is an experienced financial planner with particular expertise in the delivery of information for the areas of investment strategies, budget and cash flow planning, debt management, superannuation advice, personal insurance strategies, retirement and estate planning advice, advice on ownership and structures and portfolio reviews.

Brett’s experience has created a demand for his wealth management and risk management approach.

Specialist Service Area: Financial Planning

Phone: 8168 8450
Mobile: 0418 810 270

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Jo Stewart-Rattray

Jo as Director of Information Security and IT Assurance has extensive experience in the IT field including time spent as CIO and in the Information Security arena.  She underpins her information technology and security background with her qualifications in education and management.

Jo specialises in consulting in information security issues with a particular emphasis on governance in both the commercial and operational areas of businesses.  Her down to earth communication and technical rigour have contributed to a significant track record in providing strategic advice to organisations across a number of industry sectors. 

Specialist Service Area: Information Security and Governance

Phone: 08 8168 8410
Mobile: 0418 818 867

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Michael Richardson

Michael’s approach to consulting is based on a diverse perspective and background of experiences including as a ‘Big 4’ Chartered Accountant, establishing and running his own IT software company and working in-house as a manager in the legal industry.

Michael consults on all aspects of local government with specialised skills relating to financial management and modelling and high level strategic advice. He is highly personable and a problem solver, and enjoys tackling complex scenarios hand in hand with clients.

Specialist Service Areas: Local Government and SME Consulting

Mobile: 0408 637 345

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